Fifty shades of a dress – OOTD

There was a time when I feared wearing dresses, skirts or shorts, basically anything that showed my legs (more about it in another blogpost). In the past two years, alot has changed including the fact that my wardrobe now has more number of dresses and skirts than pants! 

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It’s that time of resolutions ..

I was never into new year resolutions and pretended they are blah and oh so lame (<imagine cool face emoji>). It does not help that the world reminds you time and again that resolutions do not last. It’s like everyone expects people who make resolutions to fail and when they do , they are ready to say “Ahaaa I told you so!”.

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Scarf and the golden coast – OOTD

“It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.” – Bern Williams

My body has its own alarm clock and refuses to wake up before sunrise (anthem of my life- <if you are lazy and you know it, clap your hands> <if you love sleeping and you know it, clap your hands> 🙂 ) Since I rarely get a chance to see

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A wonderful birthday

I love birthdays! However, I am not a big fan of elaborate/huge celebrations. Take me out for a nice meal, long drive, some shopping and I am content. One thing I definitely believe in is dressing up for your big day. If you are not going to celebrate yourself, then who will?

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