Once upon a time , a beautiful woman ( though at this time she wasn’t aware of it) used to go through tonnes and tonnes of fashion/lifestyle blogs. She loved reading them and thought to herself – “Well I love fashion, I love putting a look together , I love encouraging people and I would absolutely love to share it with others”, BUT (always a but) there was something stopping her from creating the world she dreamt of. She wondered about the reasons- was it self doubt, fear of failure, being taught since beginning that fashion comes in one size or just plain old laziness? So one fine day she decided to break the shackles holding her back and march ahead. And wait for it… tadaaa welcome to my personal space of  style, life, positivity and creativity. 🙂

Hello everyone, I am Monika a.k.a M- a techie by profession but a big time dreamer by heart! This blog is my little haven away from the humdrum of life and represents everything I am extremely passionate about- fashion and style being number one. Creating a look is like creating art for me. I have always been a budget shopper (not saying that I don’t splurge *cough*cough*) and it’s so satisfying to be able to put together a whole look at the price of beer which makes you look like champagne 🙂 Another topic I am passionate about is ” positive body image”. I have never been the “right size” as per our world , always been an in-between size, made fun of and  personally felt insecure for a very long time. It took time but I am at a peaceful place in my life and I strongly believe that every woman needs to feel great and sexy irrespective of whether you are size-zero or size-20 and wear any damn piece of clothing you want to!

Some other fun tidbits about me –

  • I moved to the US from India to do my masters ( nerd alert! )
  • I love hikes (my form of meditation)


  • I love Zumba/any form of dancing (shake it off aaaa shake it off ..)

IMG_9822 (1)

  •  I want to travel the world(who doesn’t? lol)


  • I cry while watching movies/tv series and reading books (I cry even when something extremely good happens. Yes, you read it right)
  • I obsess over home decor (pinterest is my best friend)
  • I am obsessed with watching youtube vlogs (and then I wonder where did 18 hours of my day go!)
  • I love reading (closeted mills and boons reader. Guilty!)
  • I am a huge fan of self-help books/podcasts (Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert was truly magical!)
  • I like making weird faces while taking pics (I am sure it’s jus not me?)


  • Adore animated movies (why why am I growing old…)
  • I have a bazillion selfies and a trazillion pics in the hallway (duh am obsessed!)


I am so excited to have each one of here and you, yes you the one reading- you are beautiful, gorgeous and spectacular! – Love , M