Styling a midi skirt for spring – OOTD

I love anything and everything midi. It’s another story that anything midi is usually maxi on me. And anything that is slightly below knee becomes midi for me.*I ain’t as tall as you may think.*Β Case in point – this slip dress. Oh yesΒ this is a dress but I always always wanted to own/wear a midi skirt so I put my Newton hat on, thought hard and fast.. Apple falling moment happened and tadaa this look was born. 😎 This is actually a great option for spring. Ok fine agreed that except the shoes, nothing else protects you from the wind and cold, BUT it still is a good option. Cmn guys don’t spoil my jam! πŸ™„ Β See, all you need to do is wear a jacket or substitute the tee with a sweater and you have a spring ready outfit.#where-there’s-a-will-there’s-a-way.



In other news, my streak of being motivated is definitely still on. I plan to achieve greatness this week as well and by greatness I mean brush my teeth every single night. Told ya, I am pretty pumped! Are you with me? I know you too can motivate yourself to brush and floss at night. #let’s-do-it πŸ’ͺ I was talking to my sister the other day and we concluded after another of our millionth philosophical talk that we should try to do as much as we can when the motivational streak is going on. So I am pulling up my sleeves and getting stuff done aka functioning like a normal human!


I am sure all of you are dying to know how I did with my personal goals from last week.

You – Oh you had set some personal goals?

Monika – Don’t you read my blog?

You – Ofcourse I do. Maybe I missed it last time.

Your brain – That was a close call. Who reads the entire post anyways!? πŸ˜“

Monika’s brain -How rude. I don’t want to talk anymore! Oh but Monika you have such few readers, be smart and act all cool.πŸ™„

Monika – Oh no problem at all. Definitely check out my last post here to know more about it. 😊



Coming back to the goals, I maybe-kinda did okay. πŸ€”

  • Post on Social media 5 days * week – Check check check. I rocked it!
  • Smoothie 5 days * week – Had it for 3 days. Not bad I guess.
  • Exercise 3 days * week – Did it for 2 days. Again not the worst.

Tell me if you had set any mini goals for the week and how did you do? I am super nosy but super duper encouraging and would love love to know more about your goals and dreams!!




I love Baublebar but they are not the most affordable place to buy jewelry from. So my excitement knew no bounds when I got to know that they have teamed up with Target to create a more affordable line called SUGARFIX. WOOT WOOT! These earrings are from the same line. Check out the collaboration for some more pretty pieces.



Hope all of you are enjoying the spring season and all the beautiful colors that are blooming all around. I hope your week is as colorful as these flowers and as happy as my laugh-a-hundred-timesΒ to-get-one-insta worthyΒ laugh! Thank you so much for stopping by. I treasure each one of you! See you soon.. Ciao – Love, M ❀️

“when you
you live



Tee – India

Midi skirt /dress – TargetΒ Β – $30

Sneakers – Zara (similar – $40)

Earrings – Target – $13

Bag – Amazon (similar – $14)

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  1. First of all, congratulations on keeping up on goals. About this look, it is brilliant. I could have never found out that it is slip dress if you haven’t mentioned it. The outfit looks comfortable and yes spring ready. I love midi skirts, I should try to recreate this look. Have a good day Monika


  2. Hey you look absolutely gorgeous and I loved your styling.
    hmmm.. mini goals…that is indeed a great idea. I actually never make any weekly personal goals, may be it’s time I start making some now.
    sending you love,