Family before anything

I am back. Yet again. 😊

Before you roll your eyes and judge me, let me tell you that I was with my family back in India for over a month. During my stay, some exciting stuff happened which I’ll be covering in my upcoming posts. Aha see see I don’t just go mia randomly all the time!!

In other news, I am jet lagged, uninspired and completely blank. My heart wants to write about so many things but my mind is like *I need food, lots and lots of it!*. I am not even kidding. I don’t know what it is but all I want to do since I sat on the flight back home is eat!! See I wasn’t jokin when I said I am uninspired and do not know what to write. πŸ˜•

☁︎ Hmmm maybe I can tell them why family is everything and justify my reason for being mia...Genius as always Monika☁︎ For the first time as a blogger, I finished around 3-4 photoshoots before leaving for my vacation. I was so pumped that I’ll not give you guys a chance to forget me.. Sigh.. How wrong was I. I did try to post but realized it was taking precious time away from my crazy punjabi familia.. No way I was letting anything in the world steal these few weeks I get to spend with them. Add some crazy events and there was so time to even comb my hair *well I never do comb*. Yes, I am the epitome of a perfect daughter and sister. *Praying to god that my family doesn’t read this and blurt out the truth.*



This shoot was done prior to leaving for India when the air was crisp and fall was still on it’s way. Well, seems like this outfit may not be very appropriate for the weather now. But hey, I wasn’t letting my hard work of getting off the couch and looking like a normal person go to waste! So just imagine that I am wearing some cool leggings, an extra cool bomber jacket and a darker lipshade.. If that’s difficult to imagine, please refer a very artistically created image below –


I clearly did extremely well in my art class as demonstrated by my picasso level artwork! Let’s roll with it my folks!

Bomber Jackets –

A stylish addition for fall/winter season are bomber jackets. Yes, the imaginary one that I am wearing. No, I don’t own one in reality. Yes, I know I am poor!! Let’s move on. Bomber jackets have been a rage and are adorned by almost every fashion blogger. They seriously look pretty darn good and make outfits extra cool. Some options linked for you guys –

Now continue scrolling through rest of the pics imagining that I am wearing one of the pretty bomber jackets mentioned above! Some good exercise for your brain cells 😏







This is a pretty weirdΒ post right.? Well let me clear my mind, eat lots of food and get back to you next week with some better craziness and a lot more wisdom. Have a fantastic week!Β Ciao.. – Love, M ❀️


Dress – TargetΒ – $25

Boots – Target – $45

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  1. I am so glad that you are back Monika! I’ve missed reading your fun posts. I totally agree that family is everything and I am glad you took the time to spend it with your family instead of writing posts. I am happy to have you back though and your drawing had me laughing so hard! <3

    Daisi Ari ||