Travel Guide to Mendocino and Fort Bragg, CA – Day 1

A travel blog finally. I have dreamed of this day for the longest time. No jk. 

As much as I want to write more travel posts, the reality is that I don’t travel that much! 🙄  Oh but but I want to.  Traveling is all oh-so-lovely, magical, exciting .. *insert all the wanderlusty words here* .. You know the usual. Since I am being so original let me also add that I want to travel the world; something you may or may not have heard  from others.🤔 But no matter how much your soul craves travel, sometimes it just ain’t possible. People have responsibilities that they can’t avoid and a whole lot of other reasons that can’t be ignored. Those who know what I am talking about, raise your hands! I am definitely writing a post on this topic in future. Traveling is heaven but hearing constantly that if you aren’t traveling, you really aren’t experiencing life is just not cool. Period. Ok more on it later. After all this is a happy post of a happy girl who got lost in a happy place. *Lame lame lame..*

After months of wanting a break, Mr M and I decided to take a little weekend getaway. Best decision ever. Definitely better than our last decision of getting married. JK JK JK. 🙈  *future Monika get’s a call from a very angry mom who’s asking her to take down the blog!* We wanted to go to a place that was driving distance from San Francisco and after spending 2 minutes on the internet, we decided on Mendocino which is around 3-3.5 hour drive from here and Fort Bragg which is another 10 min from Mendocino. Like most places in California, Mendocino is a coastal beauty. Imagine crazy ocean waves, stunning bluffs, breathtaking sunsets, gorgeous views, old world charm and not to forget winds that don’t care you just curled your hair! 🙄

Getting  the Travel Started

Saturday, 11:00 am – Time locked in to leave home.

Saturday, 11:10 am – Mr. M and I wake up.

Saturday, 2:00 pm – Time we actually left home with 2 pairs of clothes for Mr. M and the entire suitcase plus an extra bag for me. Look I was going to blog the trip. I had to look good and be ready for whatever nature had in store for me!🙄

Drive to Fort Bragg

We decided to spend the first evening/night in Fort Bragg. I love love love love love (to infinity) California. Being a nature baby panda, this place gives me life. I am so fascinated with how the landscape changes so beautifully from city architecture to ocean views to huge expanses of mountains to dense forests. The drive was definitely stunning but more so because I was the best DJ blasting Bollywood and Punjabi songs at full volume.😎


In my mind I feel pretty cool! But I don’t know what happened here!. 😳  #indianheadbobble! 🤘🏽

And ofcourse I needed a pic that would officially prove I went to Fort Bragg so I made Mr. M stop in the middle of nowhere, donned my sunglasses that most definitely didn’t go with the outfit and took a photo that screams ‘so-not-how-experienced-travelers-act‘!


Glass Beach

After driving for a couple of hours, we reached Fort Bragg around 5:30 -6:00. It’s a very small town and you feel as if you have traveled back in time. There is not much to do in the town town except eat bomb-dot-com food!! Since it was still daylight, we headed straight to the much-talked about Glass beach . The story behind how this beach came into existence is so fascinating. Basically, we humans being humans dumped all the garbage into the ocean and mother nature being the badass queen, created beautiful sea glasses out of them. Ah-mazing right!? But the sad part is that not alot of glasses are left behind.We met a local who goes diving and he mentioned that the ocean floor used to sparkle with these beauties and now you rarely see any glasses. I am sure you know what/who happened. People have been taking pieces of glasses as souvenirs..But if any of you go to Glass beach please please don’t do that. Take pics but leave behind the beauty nature created. 😕

Tip: Glass beach is worth a visit for it’s story and to witness how beautiful/forgiving mother earth is. However, do not go with the expectation of finding a beach that looks like the pics you see on the internet filled with shiny pieces of glasses.

Walk along the coastal trail

Then we decided to climb small cliffs, take a walk along the coastal trail and force Mr. M to take tonnes of pics enjoy the view. The views are to die for. Mendocino coastline is known for its ruggedness and you sure see it why. The waves crash relentlessly and create a dramatic effect. If any of you read cheesy Mills and Boon romance novels, then you’ll totally get it when I say the coastline is exactly like the hero of the novels – rugged, dark, powerful, outrageous and fascinating. I lost Mr. M completely when I described this to him with a very serious expression. So much for trying to act all sophisticated while watching the beauty of the coast. 🙄

Tip: Make sure you carry a jacket and dress in layers. It can get pretty windy and chilly. And if you want someone to take your pics, make sure they are definitely warm. I speak from experience chicas. 🙈

Californian Sunsets

I haven’t seen a sunrise in 2 years but I have seen numerous sunsets in that time. And Californian sunsets are beyond words. Every single time I witness a sunset I am completed in awe of how beautiful the sky turns. The hues of colors are always so different. No matter which coast you are in, sunsets will always be magical and this time was no different. 🌞

Tip: Witness/stay for the sunset. You won’t be disappointed.


Guys the food was phenomenal during our trip! Not even a single meal was disappointing like woooottttt… FYI I have something called always-orders-bad-food curse. So coming from me, it’s a big deal!

For dinner, we wanted to try out this Italian place called Luna Tratorria but it was jam packed and we couldn’t get a seat. So instead we decided to go to another restaurant called Mayan Fusion (Mexican with a Mayan twist) and it was superb!! Both of us ordered Vegetarian Mayan Fajitas and they were perfect. 

Tip: Order their garlic fries. They actually come topped with fresh garlic and taste amazing!

5 star rating to them for this!! 👇🏽


For the first night we stayed at the Holiday Inn. It was a clean room with a very uncomfortable bed.  Oh well it was only for a few hours so we managed.

This brings an end to Day 1 of our travels. I’ll be posting details on the remainder of our trip in upcoming posts. Also, I have something super duper exciting coming up and can’t wait to share with you all. Keep an eye out 😎

Let me know guys if you enjoyed my first travel blog in the comment section. Hopefully it can be of some help if you guys plan a trip to Mendocino/Fort Bragg in future. Also, if you have been dying to travel but can’t due to whatever reason, remember it’s okay. After this short trip, I don’t know when my next trip will be. So we are cool bros! 😁  But seriously folks, whether you travel or not, you all are the bomb-dot-com and the most awesomest.

Thank you so much for stopping by.. I’ll see you all soon. Ciao. – Love, M ❤️

Me – Dude I need to show them how pretty the  sleeves of this top are. Take a pic soon. Before I die of cold. Blogging will be the death of me. 


And since they most definitely missed seeing the xxxxxl cardigan, I should twirl and show them again! 💃🏽


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  1. Hahahaah you are one comedian!!! Reading this post just as I am getting of work and you make me feel lively!! Also, I so agree, I want to travel frequently but NO TIME. 🙁 hopefully something will come soon.

  2. You are hilarious babes!!! Love your travel post and the views are breathtaking. I do remember pestering hubs to take me to Maldives for so long just because I wanted to write a travel blog. Ahhhh the things we do for blogging and gram. You looks gorgeous in all the pics hun and can’t wait for your next travel post.