Cellulite .. wait you don’t have it?

Cellulite – the dreaded word. Almost as bad as saying the ‘F’ word in front of a child.. 🙈

I have cellulite. A lot of it. What you don’t have it? 😳 No dimpled thigh or arm? Whaat you just have dimples on your cheeks? How cute. 😐 Ok then this post is not for you. *5 to 10% of the world*. To the rest of the world, hi what’s up? Ready to talk about cellulite? Firstly, cellulite doesn’t kill. It isn’t harmful in anyway. Don’t believe me? Read this please. Now that we have it out of the way, let’s talk about why it is still treated with so much hatred by women all over the world.

I was one of them . I have told you guys numerous times about my body issues; the biggest contributor being my thunderous thighs with cellulite all over. I was so so embarrassed of them and the sight of cellulite made me cringe. #beentheredonethat!


My cellulite defined me more than my personality. It made me so uncomfortable that I refused to wear anything short even though it was boiling outside. It made me feel extremely ugly even though my smile made hearts flutter .*ok that’s a lie but I would like to believe my crooked teeth made hearts flutter!*.  It made me feel unworthy of happiness even though I had almost everything a normal person needed to be happy. My cellulite made me turn my back to fully living life..


Oh cellulite what power you have! You naughty naughty dimples.. But seriously. Why do we give so much power to something so small? Ah I think I know why. You see, since forever cellulite has been portrayed as mark of ugliness and something a perfect woman doesn’t have. Go back to the time you were a child, happily watching disney movies and dreaming of being a princess. But did any of the princesses *Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Mulan, Pochohontas..* have cellulite or real bodies? Ofcourse not and hence, the seed of what a perfect body is supposed to look like was subconsciously planted. As time went by, you started growing in height but the definition of a perfect woman and the perception of beauty never evolved. How could it when all we ever saw on magazines, tv and movies were women with the longest and smoothest legs, tiny waist, perky breasts, taut butt.. In short, if you did not have the body of a victoria secret model, your body was not worth loving. Period. 😑

The reality is that even the so called “perfect bodies” are not safe from scrutinization. It’s sad when there are pictures of actresses who have pretty amazing bodies splashed all over the news because their butt has some dimples. Like seriously? Is that the best use of the power of media? How can someone with a “normal” body feel comfortable when even the “perfect” bodies are not left alone? Sadly, the benchmark of beauty is the women we see on TV/magazine/ramp walks.. Anything less is just less. If you include cellulite in that picture, boom you are a disaster. Ofcourse it doesn’t mater that you are an amazingly gorgeous person in and out *not the burger places guys!*, all that matters is that you have cellulite! *sigh*


Media has done everything in it’s power to take control of our bodies and sadly, we have let them abuse us. I say enough is enough! I want all of us to wholeheartedly accept our bodies, cellulite and stretch marks included. YES, love that body. Love it with so much passion that your imperfections become your idea of perfection. Spoil your body with good food, exercise and unconditional acceptance. *dictator Monika has spoken*. But seriously your body is EVERYTHING! So why not …

Celebrate Cellulite

Yes yes, cellulite deserves all the love. Dimple or no dimple, it’s part of us and deserves the same love and care given to our favorite body parts! Just imagine how it must be feeling with all the hatred given to it all this time..


Show off your cellulite

Girl, cellulite deserves some sunlight once in a while.. Darkness can make someone sad and depressed.  Have some mercy! Go wear the shortest of short dresses and wear them with pride. *Ok maybe cold weather is not the time. but you get my point *


Embrace cellulite

Do you get to choose your family? Ofcourse not. You love them with all their quirkiness and irritating habits. Cellulite is exactly/more than that. I mean it’s literally a part of you. Embrace everything you are, cellulite or no cellulite.


Please remember that you are more than cellulite, stretch marks, dark circles, pimples.. You are a wonderful being with the most magical personality. So let it shine… Listen to Rihanna when she says – shining bright like a diamond. 🙈


It’s still not truly fall. Like seriously weather god, why why why? 😑 Well, I was trying my best to believe it’s already fall and wearing warm layers. Hmmm not the best idea getting drenched in my own sweat! So I decided to not act foolish and change my dressing strategy . *Yes, fashion means cut-throat business*. Enter ..

Chunky Cardigans

Pair them with dresses, skirts, short, jeans.. Voila.. I am fresh as a daisy or more like a pumpkin. I love love colored cardigans and this year, yellow in every shade has dominated my life!


Some options for you guys  because I ❤️ you-


This previous post was all about showing you guys how cool I am with hashtags and this post is all about striking out the words to show you my cleverness. Yes, I am cool and clever. 😎

I would love love to know your thoughts on this post. Until next time, ciao .. Love M ❤️


Cardigan – Target – $25 (On sale now for $19)
Dress – Target – $20 (On sale now for $17)
Sandals – Ross (similar) – $15
Choker – Forever 21 – $3

Reduce cellulite.
Be gone dry skin.
Vanish unwanted facial hair.
Diminish stretch marks.
Fade age spots.
Eliminate feminine odor.
Lose weight.
Dissolve belly fat.
Erase wrinkles.

I think someone wants me to disappear. ” – Guerilla Girls


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  1. You go babe! We all have imperfections, even the super models waking on the runways. So embrace your beauty. You look absolutely beautiful. Love this dress and I adore your hair.
    Xx, Raysa

  2. Girl!! You are always working it. I loved this post so much good stuff that need to be said ya know. Sometimes it is hard and we tell ourselves to embrace it but sometimes that little voice in our head still gets to us. No matter the person bit of small I’ve seen cellulite on every body type big and small. But you are right we have to embrace it. It is so important to love ourselves.


    1. Thank you so much Kierra for your sweet comment! Yeah, sometimes the head messes with you but we just gotta try to embrace and celebrate what we have. Hope you had the best weekend love 🙂

  3. You are tottaly right about cellulit, I know just one girl who dosen’t has -but she is addicted to sport;-) Great post my dear, I love your cardigan 🙂

  4. I love your positive attitude about embracing your body. It’s so true that EVERYONE has imperfections and things they’re self-conscious about, but those things shouldn’t hold us back. 🙂 LOVE this pretty cardigan!

    Fizz and Frosting​

  5. Girl, I’ve got cellulite too and a whole lotta stretch marks, haha! My dimples get worse during that time of the month or when I over indulge in carbs, oops! The stretch marks are all over my booty, inner things and knees. You know that I provide style tips for body shapes and that has been one of my most asked questions, how do I cover up stretch marks and I always respond, cover them up?! Girl, I didn’t know you had to, haha. I wear my bikini and shorts and I’m not ashamed of it at all. With my cellulite, I’ll either wear some Spanx to smooth it out or just drink a lot of water, what else can you do, it’s life! Like you’ve said, everyBODY has it or at least a vast majority of us 🙂 You look absolutely gorgeous, girl, your hair always looks so beautiful tussled! I hope you have the best week ahead, gorgeous, and thanks for brining up such a relevant topic!



    1. Jalisa, you are one of the most supportive and kindest person I have met. You have such great insights on every post and I absolutely love reading your comments.. Hahah I like the way you said ‘ cover it?’.. We all need to get over the mindset of treating our imperfections with hatred. Ofcourse we should work on minimizing things we are not fond of but too much hatred of your body is never ever a good thing! I am so so prud of you for wearing what you desire irrespective og stretch marks or cellulites. Lots of love to you and thank you for being so wonderful 🙂

  6. I love how you are embracing your body because 1) you’re beautiful! Inside and out. and 2) no one is perfect 3) Looks are not everything! All of us have our imperfections and have struggled with them at some point. I, for one, have dark circles thatI hated growing up and now I’ve just learnt to apply make up really well! And I don’t like my nose. I don’t talk about it much but there..If there’s one thing I’d like to change about my face it’s my nose. Lol. But I won’t.. ever, because I am trying to love it. Just love what I’ve been given so you, my darling, are so on the right path for even having the guts to talk and write all about it! Looking beautiful as always. And you should totally do more short dresses! HUgs!!!

    1. Thank you so so much Tivoli for your amazing comment! And I so so appreciate you for opening up and talking about things you don’t love because I know it ain’t easy!! I have always always found your face structure gorgeous and your nose extremely cute. Saying this because we always hold ourselves to the highest standards and scrutinize every part of ourselves.. But yes, as you said, love exactly what you are given 🙂 Lots of love and power to you babe. have a wonderful week! :*

    2. Thank you so so much Tivoli for your amazing comment! And I so so appreciate you for opening up and talking about things you don’t love because I know it ain’t easy!! I have always always found your face structure gorgeous and your nose extremely cute. Saying this because we always hold ourselves to the highest standards and scrutinize every part of ourselves.. But yes, as you said, love exactly what you are given 🙂 Lots of love and power to you babe. have a wonderful week! :*

  7. Lovely post babe. I love how real and raw it is – love your outfit too. And, I have cellulite for sure! Even when I’m “thin” and feeling my best I still have it. It’s apart of life. All I can do is make sure I stay active and feel great for myself on the inside and as for “helping” my cellulite I just exfoliate and do workouts that tighten my skin/body. As long as you feel good inside, that is all that matters. Xx


    1. Thank you for stopping by Ines! I am so glad you liked the post. Yes, cellulite doesn’t see your weight. It’s all about keeping healthy and following some additional steps to keep it at bay. Have a wonderful evening 🙂

  8. I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t have it. Even the fittest girlfriends I have have cellulite. I was always athletic, so as long as I’m getting endorphins and feeling good, that’s all that matters. I do want a bigger tush though lol Any chance I can move all of the cellulite up to get a firm bottom? haha jk


  9. Beautiful post once again Monika, such inspiring posts from you tells how strong you are as a person. “Loving and respecting yourself” is easier said than done but you have beautifully managed to do what you believe in.
    I have been struggling to be more forgiving to myself all my life, and that’s why I know how difficult it is to love yourself with all the things that-are-apparently-not perfect according to the norm.
    Love you for writing this powerful post, you look lovely as always. Keep shining and keep inspiring girl!!

    1. Thank you Saabri so much for being so kind with your words! We are pretty hard on ourselves.. But someday we have to realize that either we can continue hating ourselves or love what we have whilst improving! Please remember you are pretty amazing 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  10. Agree with Veena! You really have some great topics to discuss, which many of us hesitate to talk. Loved reading this post so much. Love your positive approach in life. Very inspiring. You’re truly beautiful inside and out!Keep up the good work babe! Also, loving your fall outfit. Simple, yet chic. Love that cardigan. Perfect on you!<3 <3

  11. I totally feel ya girl! My legs are probably my most hated part on my body haha. I don’t have cellulite really badly but I have horrible blotchy legs with spider and varicose veins that I just hate. It definitely makes me self conscious. I’ve always wished I could just have smooth looking legs! Thanks for posting your struggles. I think I often forget how many other girls struggle with something they don’t like about themselves. I think I will always be a little self conscious about it, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone! Loving this outfit btw!!

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

    1. Thank you Emily for your honesty! We all are struggling.. We are just good at hiding. But I hope we all learn to accept our imperfections and stop fighting with all that is “wrong” with us! In the end, life is not about how smooth your legs are but how kind you have been and how much you have loved. Have a great day gorgeous 🙂

  12. A very well written article and packed with so much truth. We live in an image obsessed society and it’s definitely time for those of us who have influence power (aka us blogger babes) to stand unites and change the ball game. Kudos to you for writing this post. I was totally inspired by what you said.

    Have a great day

    1. Thank you so so much Kasonndra! I feel that I have a medium to talk about topics that can maybe change one person’s perception and I am so glad you think the same way. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  13. I am so glad you cam back and started blogging again, I am glad that you back powerful and yourself. At times we are lost in our own insecurities and dealing with how to overcome it. I have a lot of Cellulite too and I have so many stretch marks on bottom back, inner thighs and booty, you will not imagine lol It came due to I had lost weight from doing sports. One time a guy saw my stretchmarks right above my belt, because the wind had plans to blow my blouse up alittle lol and he said ewww you have stretch marks…I was so embarrassed. But the new me (thankgod) is open like you, doesn’t care what others think. I wear backless if i want and i embrace. You are a true gem, and a amazing powerful women who can make difference in others life by giving them the hand they need. Don’t stop writing ever. You are beautiful to all the women out there. Lots of love to you gorgeous. XOXO

    1. Thank you Tanvi for your powerful words! I think it’s so important for all of us to speak about the struggles and how we kick ass! And looking at you, it’s very difficult to imagine that you had any self-doubts.. just shows how much goes behind the making of a wonderful and powerful lady!! All the power to us!! Hope you are having the best day 🙂

  14. I just love your posts Monika! Your genuine write-ups and positive attitude are so inspiring. Yes, everyone has flaws but this is what makes each one of us so unique and we all should embrace it.

    Love your cardigan btw 🙂

    Nisha | simplistique.com

  15. Ummm what should i say! You post was amazing and very true to self! I had and i still have facial hair problem and have tried a lot of things but some things are just not in control! So i have accepted it as its a part of me now (not that i roam around with facial hair lol but i don’t spend time procrastinating about it) and cellulite is a similar issue!
    I just want to say thanks for sharing your views <3 will inspire a lot of people i am sure!
    Keep inspiring!
    Much love <3

    1. Thank you so much Tanvi for your sweetest comment and thank you for sharing a part of your life! It’s never easy talking about personal matters but I am so glad you are breaking rules and just being you. Eff the world 😀 wishing you the best best time in India :*