Small steps towards body positivity

Big changes start with small steps… and this applies so aptly to the topic of body positivity. Becoming more confident in your skin at exactly the weight you are isn’t an overnight process.

It is actually a million tiny steps that need to be taken almost every single day. From being ok with the pair of jeans not fitting well to looking at your naked self and being proud of what you see to flaunting your curves or no curves with your head held high, it’s the choices you make on how you perceive yourself every day that make the biggest difference. 

I know it is easier said than done, especially when most of the folks around think that “oh you have lost weight! that’s awesome!” is a compliment that everyone should be striving towards or when you see  girls/women sitting together and groaning about how fat they are, piece by piece thrashing their bodies because you know that’s what’s deemed normal.

Loving yourself ain’t the cool thing. 

But not loving yourself is even worse and uncool!

Constantly hating your body, constantly worrying about the rolls, the fat, the jiggles and the wiggles, constantly waiting for the magical time when you are going to fit into that dress..ah it’s tiring and a complete waste of the gorgeousness you are..

Let’s consciously make a choice to be proud of our bodies. Let’s take the small steps needed to get there. It can be as simple as giving yourself a hug every single morning or being grateful for the body that let’s you move and experience life or wearing that red lipstick or a dress you have been meaning to.. after-all small steps lead to big changes.  

I have always wanted to tuck in my shirt but never had the courage. I finally gathered the nerve to do it!  It’s such a small thing but it was oh-so liberating and a step towards being more comfortable in my skin. We are always looking for something “big” and “revolutionary” to actually showcase our work or love for ourselves but sometimes the smallest acts speak the loudest and make the biggest difference..

Now it’s your turn to take that tiny step towards accepting yourself at exactly the weight you are! Go!

ps – These are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have owned. I have walked straight 5-6 hours in them and not felt a thing.. 


Top – London (option 1, option 2)

Jeans – Old Navy (similar)

Hat – Forever 21 (similar)

Shoes – DSW

Bag – Charles and Keith (option 1, option 2)

Neckpiece – Target

Earrings – H&M

“Loving yourself is the greatest revolution!”

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  1. Girl, you look gorgeous! I love that red top, and you nailed it by tucking it in. 😀 What you wrote 100% resonated with me, and I have to start learning to love my body. Especially after the amount of torture it endures while working out. 😛