Monthly Favorites – August 2017


Monthly favorites are back you guys!Now this girl gets to feed her ego even more believing that her choices are oh-so amazing that the entire world needs to be know about them. 🙈

I am so happy to restart my monthly favorites series though. I share alot of my favorites on insta stories but since after repeated shameless promotions here, noone really cares to follow the stories only last for 24 hours it just made sense to give them a forever home aka the blog. Let’s dig into all the things I loved in the past few months –




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If you haven’t already read (if not, why not?), this post explained why my happy life couldn’t begin until I received my special journal. And the one I was talking about was this 👇🏽


Now can you blame me that I sulked for an additional 2 days? 

I cannot recommend journaling enough. It’s extremely therapeutic and provides a wonderful medium to organize your thoughts. Just the act of writing and putting your feelings into paper can instantly change your mood. Try it and thank me via bitcoins. I also accept cheques. Just saying. 🤷‍♀️

You can use any notebook to pen down your thoughts but having a journal that’s beautiful definitely makes the process more appealing. Why do I love this particular one?

  • It’s stunning! Look at the attention to detail..
  •  The size of the journal is neither too big nor too small and fits perfectly into most of my small bags.
  • The quality is great. 
  • And..blah blah blah.. Ok fine the truth is that I am obsessed with spending money on journals! *confessions of a journalholic* 🙋🏽



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If you read books then having a bookmark is kinda-ok-not-really-but-still essential. And you all know I am totally into positive quotes so this one was the perfect pick. 

Also, if you haven’t noticed yet there seems to be a Game of Thrones theme going on. *Royal look, excessive gold aka power, not-needed-but-still-want-it types*. I recently started watching GoT *I know I know super late to the party!* and I think unconsciously my inner Khaleesi chose these items! Now all I need are my dragons. Imagine baby dragons spitting fire on anyone who refuses to read my blogposts or follow me on instagram. Like how epic would that be! 🤔 Oh please don’t be scared. I am joking. Just kidding you know. *until ofcourse I find my dragons. 😏*

Water Bottle



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I lose water bottles at the same speed hulk loses his temper! After leaving my 234789th bottle somewhere, I bought the one pictured above. I love that it’s clear, has positive writings and let’s me know how much water I should be drinking every hour. I definitely drink more water if I can see how I am doing and lately my aim has been to finish 4 of these. You all know water is the magic elixir that makes everything perfect. Well almost everything. 


I heard this song from Coke Studio recently and fell in love. It has been on repeat ever since.

In other news, Mr. M is on the verge of leaving me. He just doesn’t get me guys. I mean what’s life without listening to the same song a million times? Right!?🤷‍♀️ 


This one is for my bay area friends. Terun is an Italian restaurant in Palo Alto and we went there for our date night to celebrate one of our million+1 anniversaries.. and I think this one was to celebrate the day Mr. M finally gave up on finding anyone better than me.🙄 Anywho, this place was the bomb dot com! Absolutely loved loved the food and the ambience.  

ps –  Try the Tortino al Cioccolato (chocolate lava cake with gelato) . It was totally ah-mazing!!

 And ofcourse I didn’t think of taking a pic of the food but rather asked Mr. M to take my pic. Isn’t that what normal people do when they review restaurants?  Plaster their faces on the blog instead of the food? 🤔 


You can get more details about the restaurant on their website and Yelp 

And that brings an end to some of my favorites for the month of August. Which one sounded the most interesting to you? What are some of the things you loved this month? Let me know and I can waiver the bitcoin payment.. 🙈

Hope all of you had the best month and I hope rest of the year treats you beautifully in every sense of the word. Thank you so much for stopping by.. See ya soon. – Love, M ❤️

And remember no matter how the year is going ..

Choose, everyday to forgive yourself. You are human, flawed, and most of all worthy of love. 


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