Wedding Diaries – The dancing bride. The smiling groom.

I know I know.. I missed posting last week. Oh well life happened. 😊

As y’all know, I am celebrating self-love this month (or more like every month!) so rather than forcing myself to write, be active on social media and turn into a stressed out monster, I decided to take a step back and do only so much my mind and soul could handle.Β But but to compensate for missing out on a post last week, I am back with something extremely extremely special and close to my heart.

Self-love for me has always extended to the love I have for my family and friends. They are such an integral part of my life and having them around, makes everything brighter and happier. So to end the #crazystupidselflove and #februaryselfloveseries, I wanted to introduce my crazy-but-can’t-live-without familia and friends to my virtual fam. So here’s a peek into our wedding that was filled with laughter, dancing, tears, sadness and a million other emotions. Oh Mon will you stop talking Β already and just let them watch the video!πŸ˜• Fine fine here you go..

ps – Read the next section only after you have seen the video.

pps – No peeking!! Watch the video first.

ppps – I am not kidding kids! Now be good and watch the video.

OkayΒ so now watch the video again and notice Mr. M during all the emotional moments. He has the biggest smile plastered and literally had no clue how to react.! Oh also, maybe I should have named this post – The bride who CRIED way too much and The Groom who SMILED way too much at the misery of the bride.Β πŸ˜‚

Before I sign off, please let me know in the comment section (or message me) if you want to see some more posts around the wedding like getting details about our amazing photographers, my awesome makeup artist, how to find good venues; in short how we planned the wedding. (Breaking news – everything was done in a month including my wedding outfits, booking venues, hiring photographers and a million other things. Okay I just realized that I mayΒ not be the best person to give any kind of wedding advice πŸ™ˆbut hey, maybe some of you are actually like me aka lazy and a huge procrastinator plus who don’t think that weddings have to be a giant ball of stress! πŸ˜‰Β )

Thank you so so much for stopping by and hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into our wonderful week of two oh-so-very different families coming together! Β See ya all soon. Ciao – Love, M ❀️

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  1. OMG!!! You made the prettiest Bride, and mr M looks Handsome and dashing!! B-)

    The wedding is so beautiful, would love to see more pictures and know how you did it in such a short time!! can’t believe it’s been all done in a month.

  2. This comment is a ‘first’ in many ways:
    1) My first time commenting on your blog
    2) My first time officially congratulating you on your wedding
    3) ok. Done πŸ˜›

    Wow… the video is exquisite. Preetam pyare as you described had no clue what was going on πŸ˜€ Many many many congratulations to both of you!!! πŸ™‚

  3. OMG, it looks so live, feels like watching well directed movie and I am already feeling emotional watching this. Videography is brilliant. Did I mention you look so pretty? and Mr.M is beyond handsome smiling all time. Please do more posts like this Monika

  4. Hey Mon! What a beautiful wedding you had. I tried not to cry but could not hold my tears back, as a bride you go through so many emotions , it’s unbelievable. Loved every bit of the video. thanks for sharing this super special memory and event with us. You make such a gorgeous bride. He he poor Mr. M he really had that plastered smile on his face, which looked so cute on him. Oh this video warms my heart so much, loved watching you dance like that.
    Stay blessed and keep smiling my dearie. 😘😘😘❀❀

    1. Saabri you are absolutely the best! Thank you so so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. Ah the photographers did an amazing job of capturing the emotions right. especially Mr. M’s hehe.. Hope you are having the best week! <3

  5. What a pleasure it was to see you throughout the movie… The most beautiful bride with a medly of emotions such beautifully captured. Reminded me so much of my own and honestly, I was anything but stressed out anytime before or during the wedding. Loadz of love πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

  6. Oh Monika, it’s hard to describe in words how great you guys are looking. The video was so touchy and all your outfits were absolutely phenomenal ❀️❀️

  7. Woooooow Manmeet !! So happy to see this :)) and such a beautiful wedding and how wonderfully depicts both cultures !! So beautiful. Mr M looks so good in the pagdi πŸ˜€ you look soooooo good…! So happy and charming and beautiful..I said beautiful a lot of times ;P because it really is !!!! Lots of love and lifetime of happiness to you both. God bless πŸ™‚

    Ps : video ends abruptly

    1. eeeee Thank you sooooo much Ankita!!! you are definitely making me fly now πŸ˜› But I am so happy that you guys enjoyed the video and felt the emotions we went through :* Oh end of the video had some additional info I was not very keen on showing so trimmed it and ofcourse did a bad job lol. Thank you again for your sweet sweet wishes <3 Hope you are having a great great week!!

  8. Wow Manno! You make the awesomest dancing brid, and its unbelievable that you had it all planned in 1 month….. Loved the video. Congratulations to both of you and wish you tons of happiness!!

  9. Loved itttt totalllyy. You are so full of life. Made me happy and I saw your husband smiling and standing clueless when you were crying , ahaha , poor fellow

  10. Just watched the video. It was really a celebration of love. So beautiful. Both you and Mr. M looked beautiful. Congratulations guys!!!

  11. You are exactly what I would expect a Punjabi bride to be. Happy and so full of energy! That vidaai song was so touchy πŸ™ and I loved the video! Congratulations babe, you two make a wonderful couple :*

  12. Not going to lie, I teared up after watching this. Dancing brides are the happiest <3. Looks like it was a wonderful wedding and I hope you guys have the happiest life together.

  13. Wow, thank you for sharing this beautiful video of your wedding. It made my day. I was teary eyed at the end because I had flash backs of my wedding and memories of my family. You and Mr M make an amazing couple. You were such a gorgeous bride. Wishing the both of you a life time of happiness β™₯️❀β™₯️


  14. I love love the video. Has all the emotions in it. You look so beautiful. I would love to see more pictures. Makes me feel like sharing my wedding pictures too ❀

  15. Such a lovely video! Emotions, colors, people, rituals and what not! Everything seemed so charismatic and pure <3 You looked amazing and so did your husband! Reminded me of my special day, similar feelings and similar rituals…everything flash backed πŸ™‚ I would love to see more about your wedding, it looks simple but its much more than that! I can see emotions over flowing and love showering and some of this was missing in mine coz some people forgot even though i am strong and independent, i still need some love on my big day. But i am so happy to see all that in the video you shared. Thanks for sharing <3

    1. Awww thank you sooo much Tanvi for all the love you have showered!! You seriously are the cutest!! I can totally imagine how similar all the details must be.. I have loved learning more about your wedding and your thoughts. Even though some people may have forgotten to shower love, you know you are loved by all of us and I am sure even by them. You made the most beautiful bride and I am so glad you had a beautiful wedding too. Cant wait to read more about it and get to know you better! ❀️ Have a wonderful weekend!! 😍

  16. Totally Totally love the video and post. U both look amazing and impressed with the fact that all this was done in a month. I mean how could you 😎It took me 5 monthsπŸ€—lol….You made my memories coming all as a flashback Hon you are so full of life and those emotions are so sweet and amazing. Everything seemed so charismatic and pure .Would love to see more of your pictures and posts.You guys are beautiful couple ..Stay blessed !! πŸ’•πŸ’•

  17. This was such a beautiful video!! I remember at my wedding my husband was just standing beside me, no clue what to say or do. πŸ™‚
    You made the prettiest bride! Congratulations!! πŸ™‚