Removing layers of clothing and more..

I am slowly and steadily getting rid of pieces that are not needed for spring/summer. I am also working on removing layers of self consciousness and doubt that are by-products of the fast approaching warmer seasons. The title makes sense now right? I had to dig deep into my creative reservoir to come up with this. But wait.. were you guys expecting something else!?  😱 Sorry to disappoint but I write only clean and decent content (afterall I am a good Indian girl 😉).

Warmer seasons = no more tights or heavy coats, no more gloves or scarves, no more looking like a cute fur baby. Ok let’s keep the cute part sans fur. But the real question is, should you still be excited even though your dream summer body is still a dream (let’s be real, we all dream to magically transform into those gorgeous James Bond women during winter!)? It’s absolutely fine if you are not into the whole spring/summer fashion scene. But if you don’t wear those clothes because you think your body is still not perfect, then my gorgeous girlfriends.. let’s get talking. In my previous post, I spoke about body shaming that comes from the outside world. But there is an even bigger issue which lies within us – our inability to see our worth and allow ourselves to live an authentic/full life because we believe our happiness is inversely proportional to our body weight.

You are beautiful (that’s what James Blunt said and I approve!)

Big thighs. Thin arms. Big booty. No booty. Size 20. Size 0. No matter what you relate to, remember you are absolutely gorgeous. I don’t deny that I would love to have a body like Moreno Baccarin. I mean did you guys see her in Deadpool? How gorgeous is she?! Maybe she also secretly wishes to be like someone else or…. maybe not. I guess it’s okay to feel this way once in a while but we can’t continue living our lives wishing to be someone else. If we continue to put ourselves down, the world is going to reciprocate and treat us like shit. Do we want that? Ofcourse not! Each one of us is beautiful and brings something unique to the world. How unbelievable it is that no one else is just like you in this vast universe? It always blows my mind that everything about me is unique from my personality, voice, fingerprints to choices. Isn’t that reason enough to believe you are extraordinary?

Ofcourse I have days when I struggle to follow my profound teachings but then I snap myself out of it and pretend to be walking down the red carpet (one of my secret wishes) dressed like a million bucks,  waving and feeling like a total rockstar! What I am trying to say is that it’s okay to feel shitty somedays but on the other days, pull yourself out of it and believe that you are the most gorgeous woman on the face of earth ❤️

Take baby steps

Now let’s talk about clothes for the warmer seasons. Frankly, I have spent so many years bundled up because I thought  if I showed my legs or arms (with the deadly cellulite), it would offend others or make them squirm. Isn’t that insane? I was ashamed of my body and tried my level best to ensure noone else said it out loud what I was scared to hear. Yeah, it’s pretty twisted. Anyways, when I finally got some sense that not everyone is scrutinizing me and it was more of my mind playing games, it was time to stop covering myself head to top on scorching hot days. I took baby steps by wearing something like a knee length dress with a light cardigan and eventually moved on to shorter skirts/dresses and sleeveless blouses. By starting small, I was able to build up my confidence slowly. If you are like me, start with something you are comfortable with. Some options can be-

  • Maxi dresses
  • Knee length dresses/skirts/shorts
  • Off shoulder blouses
  • Light cardigans
  • Palazzo pants
  • Culottes

With time you’ll be more confident and not worry about how others perceive you or just get wiser to realize the world doesn’t revolve around us (sadly!) . When that day comes, don’t forget to thank me.

Coming to the outfit for this post, I have always been drawn towards a slightly boho style. I love love flowy tops, dresses, kimonos, loose cardigans.. This look embodies everything I love from a chunky cardigan to a shift dress to cute booties and jewelry. 🙂

thumb_DSC_0715_1024 copy_4

thumb_DSC_0716_1024 copy_1

thumb_DSC_0718_1024 copy_4

thumb_DSC_0766_1024 copy

thumb_DSC_0762_1024 copy copy

thumb_DSC_0840_1024 copy

thumb_DSC_0656_1024 copy

thumb_DSC_0639_1024 copy

thumb_DSC_0650_1024 copy

thumb_DSC_0688_1024 copy

thumb_DSC_0696_1024 copy_1

FullSizeRender (27)



FullSizeRender (29)

It’s always a struggle to find the right words to end my posts. I know it’s pretty hard to believe considering how cool I am! Jokes aside, a small snippet of what goes on in my mind- *end of the post means I need to dish out some great advice*.. *thinking cap on* …. *still thinking*… *falling asleep* … *it’s 2:00 AM* .. *Monika wake up* .. *2:15 AM*.. *2:20 AM*.. *Just write something.. ok anything*.. 😋

Here it goes , ignore the voices in your head that lower your confidence. Remember, you are gorgeous and powerful beyond measure. – Love, M

Dress – Ross (option1, option2) -$12
Cardigan – Forever 21 – $30
Booties – DSW (similar) – $30
Neckpiece – Forever 21 – $3
Bag – Macys – $10

And I said to my body, softly, “I want to be your friend.”
It took a long breath and replied, “I have been waiting my whole life for this.” – Nayyirah Waheed


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  1. Monika, not sure if I mentioned this before but you’re gorgeous inside out! I absolutely love how you approached this topic in a fun and more lighter way and yet made sure you made your point loud and clear! You are gorgeous and there’s nothing that should be stopping you from wearing what you love and doing what you have passion for!Wanting to have a good body for the right reasons is very important although that doesn’t mean you despise the way you currently look! Loving and accepting yourself is the first step towards anything great! You look so spring ready in this outfit, looking forward to more outfits like this! Also, love the way you write.💟

  2. I personally don’t like showing my skin, I actually like layering and putting on clothes. Maybe because I was insecure about my body then, and now I do it because if I do show skin, the world would implode with my sexiness. Hahaha!

    Love your outfit! Your dress is gorgeous <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin’

  3. This is such a wonderful post, Monkia, I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve mentioned. It’s so true that we all have something amazing to offer and there is no one on the face of the earth that is just like us, like you said, this is indeed extraordinary! I think being confident for us women can be very challenging because we’re constantly being pulled and pressured in so many different areas of our lives, either socially, professionally or intimately. Now more than ever, I think there’s so much pressure to look a certain way to be validated because, unfortunately, women that expose (exploit) their “perfect” bodies are glorified and not so much as the knowledge they bring to the table, as well as the incredible strengths that only us women posses and can offer. It’s really sad. I think your tips are incredibly helpful in helping all women feel more confident and assured that they are so unique and can certainly feel that way about themselves! Again, such a great, heartfelt post! I am smitten over that second to last pic, which you also shared on Instagram, you look absolutely gorgeous with a sun kissed look #naturalbeauty! I hope you have a wonderful day, beautiful!



  4. Wow! Beautiful post, loved every bit of it. You are beautiful inside and outside babe! Totally agree! Everyone is beautiful in their own way, they just need to see it and accept it.
    Love your boho look! That dress is beautiful. Awesome pictures!
    Have a great day beautiful!
    Rita |

  5. Well I am really glad u r shedding those layers and showing off that sexy body! U r in each and every way! And talking of body issues I know a few size 0 people having them! Hahaha! And the golden light is sure adding to ur beauty and sexiness!

  6. I was smiling reading your post because so much of what you have said resonates with what I’ve been thinking about lately. Over time and with age you realize that it’s not what’s on the outside that matters.. at all.Because all of our answers are within us.. and sadly, we’ve been looking outside our whole life. And the last thing we must be caring about is what others will think.. I wonder if it’s an Indian thing with the whole ‘societal thinking’ that we’ve been raised with? I’m not sure..What do you think? Either way, I am loving your attitude!! We all are so unique and beautiful in our own way and must learn to love and be kind to ourselves before doing that to the world.. You look super fab and gorgeous in all your pics.. and so happy!! <3

  7. That was a great post, Monika! You know what. I always feel very inspired and good about myself after reading your posts. 🙂 I will miss looking like a fur ball. I love winter and snow. I will miss it for sure, but I’m all excited to wear skirts, cardigans and cute dresses. Yay! And I love the cardigan and the shift dress you’re wearing. They are very pretty on you. Love all the pictures and the locations. 🙂 Loved stopping by your blog. Have an amazing day, beautiful! 🙂

  8. Agreed with each word you wrote. Who decides what size is perfect…..Its popular culture but what is that made up of you ask? Are a majority of real women size 0…..No they are not. One must be comfortable in our own skin. I agree fitness is very important and one must strive to be fit and healthy but being concious that only size 0 or 1 or 2 is the perfect size is being stupid and ignorant.

    Coming to the outfit i love the slight boho print of the dress and the casual vibe of the cardi with the booties.

    Stunning look miss and great write up

  9. I absolutely love your dress, you look so stunning and most importantly, so happy in these photos! I’m excited to shed my winter layers and feel good about myself. It’s taken years for me to accept my body, but I’m so ready to just feel good about myself again! Every woman’s body is different, and that is such a beautiful thing. I hope you feel wonderful this summer as well love!

  10. Hi Monika,

    I love how you approach things in life and topics on blog. 😀
    I can totally relate to the layers you are talking about.
    It does not matter what size you are if you feel good in the outfit!

    Btw… love your outfit. I have a weakness for anything white. 🙂