Monthly Favorites – February

If you have read my bio then you know I love stalking following people on YouTube. Don’t judge me! YouTube has the power to suck you in and never let you go. Hard to believe? Go ahead and watch  a “morning routine”, “evening routine”, “my husband does my makeup” or basically any kind of video. If you do not end up checking out all the other videos suggested on the sidebar, then my friend, you have the willpower of a saint! One of my favorite types of videos are the monthly favorites wherein the YouTuber talks about some of the products/things they absolutely loved during that particular month. So I got extremely original and thought of doing the same on my blog. Yes, I am cool that way 😎

At the end of every month, you will see this uber cool post where I’ll talk about my 5 favorite things . It can be a beauty product, a book, a place, a recipe, a quote, a song; basically anything. I have stumbled upon some great products/things while watching these videos and I hope you guys have the same experience too. 😊 So what are we waiting for? Let’s get this party started! (Click on the image to shop for the products)


Books make me happy! Apart from transporting me to another world created by my imagination, I like the feeling of being a well-read woman. Sounds grown-up and sophisticated right!? Past couple of years haven’t been the best in terms of reading good books but that’s about to change. I plan on reading atleast one book a month this year (other than my beloved chick flicks and mills and boons which I unabashedly and wholeheartedly love! Ok I can see my sophisticated persona fading away..) Anne of Green Gables was the perfect start. This book is a classic children literature that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Do not expect a life changing experience or a dramatic storyline.  The beauty of this book is in it’s simplicity and follows the life of the main character, Anne Shirley, who tugs at your heart and puts a smile on your face throughout 🙂



This nail color by Revlon is so perfect for spring that I am totally obsazzed!  I am wearing the same color in the pic above and it definitely looks more gorgeous outside. Resembles one of the Pantone color of the year called Serenity; yes I know some cool fashion stuff now, perks of following a million fashion bloggers. I always apply a base and top coat as it helps in making the nail color last longer.

ps -The Revlon website is down for maintanence and I can’t find this shade anywhere else online. I grabbed mine from Walgreens but I am sure this shade can be found in any of the drugstores

IMG_5360 copy

IMG_5356 copy


I rarely use perfumes; I haven’t found “my” scent yet and they are freaking expensive to use every single day. This small bottle of fragrance is sheer magic! It comes in a roller form and can be applied to the pulse points of the body for a very light intoxicating scent. Even though the name is “Persian garden”, the smell is far from floral. Best way to describe it would be a mix of mystery and exotic, if that makes sense. This beauty can be found in any natural store (whole food, sprouts etc). Check it out when you are in one of these stores and I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you love strong scents then this may not work for you. This fragrance oil is extremely light and you may get a whiff of the scent here and there, which works perfectly for me.

thumb_DSC_0924_1024 copy


Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of ripped jeans. 1,2,3… 🙏🏽 My mom has still not seen me in these babies (one of the very very very very few perks of living away from parents!) which means I flaunt them at every opportunity. I have worn this pair like almost every other day this month!

IMG_5316 copy


I don’t understand a word but this song makes me happy and I sway my hips everytime I listen to it, which is like a million times a day. I love to dance and regret not learning it professionally. Well it still does not stop me from dancing at every opportunity – zumba, clubs, weddings, pavements … any place that has good music playing. So go on, listen and dance like nobody’s watching! 💃🏽

“Take that extra LEAP today” 

I won’t be posting a blog again on this day for another 4 years. How unreal is that!? I hope this post makes your 29th a little more interesting. What are some of your favorite things or experiences of the month? I would love to hear them in the comment section❤️ – Love, M

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  1. That was a great post, Mon! Loved all your February picks. I’m in love with that nail color and those ripped denim! (one of the very few perks of living away from! Couldn’t agree more. You always crack me up! :D) Can’ wait for your next post. 🙂
    Have a great week ahead, babe!

  2. A good book, a fab nail colour, THE SMELL, Those jeans and a song, what a lovely list, but dare I say, a pretty you :* I could see hints of you in each of these things! Keep these coming babe!

  3. Manmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeet !! I like the honesty in your posts , which I am sure most of them are able to connect to and thus making it more special !! :))

    Keep writing !!

  4. Reading more books is something I plan to do this year too!Hope to follow your favourite books for ideas and inspiration. Keep it coming!!

  5. I really had to try hard to fight my ever growing addiction to YouTube! It’s worse than TVs dramas, hahaha! I got to get that nail paint!

  6. Your photos are gorgeous! I love reading books, though I haven’t read in a while.
    And your nail polish color is lovely. It looks so refreshing 🙂 Great post!

  7. Ok, I’m completely obsessed with that song now! Listening to it as I write this comment. It makes me want to go travel to France asap! And I totally agree that Youtube is like a black hole where you go to see one new hairstyle and look up three hours later wondering what the heck happened! But you learn so much too! Thanks for sharing these awesome favorites with us!

    Chow Down USA